“GRAFICA ed EX LIBRIS” 15th Edition. MONFERRATO CASTLE - CASALE MONFERRATO (AL) ITALY. October 21st – November 19th, 2023.

 “GRAFICA ed EX LIBRIS” 15th  Edition. MONFERRATO CASTLE - CASALE MONFERRATO (AL) ITALY. October 21st – November 19th, 2023.


Competition for bookplates and other small graphics on the occasion of the DEG Annual Conference 2024

Competition for bookplates and other small graphics
on the occasion of the DEG Annual Conference 2024

Call for entries
On the occasion of each annual conference, the German Exlibris Society organises organises a competition to promote ex-libris art and other small graphic art.
Any artist or owner is eligible to participate - membership in the Membership of the DEG is not required.

1. submission
Ex-libris and other small prints (e.g. occasional prints) can be submitted, created between 1 January 2023 and the closing date for entries.
Ex-libris and occasional prints should be submitted in consultation between the artist and the owner. and the owner.
A maximum of 6 prints can be submitted per artist, and the choice is entirely up to the artist, How many of these are bookplates and how many are other small prints.
Graphics in all printing techniques up to a paper size of DIN A4 are permitted.
They may not be applied to carrier sheets.
Ex-libris or occasional graphics should be labelled according to their intended use, i.e. with the word "Exlibris" or "P.F.+year" or with an equivalent indication.
In addition, bookplates and occasional prints should be labelled with the name of a living person or a real organisation, institution or similar.
All works are labelled on the back in pencil with the name of the artist, nationality, the graphic technique, the year of creation, the subject (keyword is sufficient)
and the name of the owner.
This information should be given in Latin script.
Each print must be signed by the artist.

The prints are to be submitted to the DEG archivist
Joachim P. Schlosser
Viersener Str. 123
41063 Mönchengladbach

by 14 March 2024 at the latest.
All works received will become part of the DEG Archive collection.
Works submitted too late will no longer be accepted and will also become part of the DEG archive.
If the number of works submitted by an artist exceeds the maximum number permitted, a decision will be made according to the date of receipt. If too many works are received at the same time, the recipient will make a selection which cannot be contested. Excess works will also be transferred to the archive's collection.

2. prizes
2.1 Best artist (jury prize)
1st prize: 300 €
2nd prize: 200 €
3rd prize: 100 €
2.2 Best bookplate (audience award)
200 €
(In the event of a tie: several prizes of equal value, the prize money will be split).
2.3 Best occasional graphic
200 €
(In the event of a tie: several prizes of equal value, the prize money will be split).
The artists are honoured, not the owners.

3. elections
3.1 Prize of the jury
The artist prize is selected by a jury.
For this purpose, the DEG Executive Board appoints five conference participants: if possible, one artist each, one dealer and one DEG Board member as well as two collectors or other participants; if possible, at least one of the latter should be non-German.
No jury member may be an artist and/or owner of works in the current competition. Only the exhibited graphics are eligible for judgement.
The jury's decision cannot be contested.

3.2 Public Prize
The vote for the best bookplate and the vote for the best other small graphic will be made by the participants of the annual conference.
For this purpose, only 2 numbers will be written on the ballot paper, one each for the best ex-libris and for the best other small graphic.
The DEG Board will appoint at least three conference participants to the election committee to count the ballot papers.
The prize will be awarded to the sheet with the highest number of votes.
In the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded equally and the prize money divided accordingly.
The decision of the counting committee cannot be contested.

4 Award ceremony and publication
On the evening of the closing banquet, the president or his deputy honours honours the competition winners with a certificate and the prize money.
The competition winners and their work will be honoured in an appropriate place in DEG's print and digital media.
All competition entries will be published in a catalogue. All represented artists will receive a free copy of the catalogue.
For possible delivery by post, artists should enclose a business card or similar with their entry.
The competition results will be published in the following year's catalogue.



Article 1.
Participants can send a maximum of five different ex-libris, not previous to 2019.
Three copies of each will be send and will not be returned.
Article 2. There are no restrictions on style, work methods or techniques.
The theme of the ex-libris should be "Ex-libris for Peace".
Article 3. The ex-libris will contain the word "Ex-libris" and the motto "Ex-libris for Peace", in the chosen language.
Article 4. On the back of the ex-libris it must appear: 1) name of the artist, 2) technique, 3) year of execution, 4) postal address and 5) email.
Article 5. The maximum size of the work is limited to 190 mm x 140 mm and the image may occupy all or part of the surface of the paper.
Article 6. June 15, 2024 is the deadline for sending the ex-libris, postage paid, to the following


Carrer de Santa Anna, 16
43003 Tarragona

Article 7. A FIRST PRIZE OF 1.000 € will be awarded and honourable mentions without financial contribution will be decided by the jury. The winner must deliver, within 30 days after being informed of the jury's decision, an edition of 50 copies of the winning ex-libris that will be distributed, free of charge, among the members of the jury, the FISAE associations that request it, the National Library of Catalonia and the National Library of Spain
Article 8. All ex-libris presented can be reproduced in books, catalogues, posters, postcards...
Article 9. A catalogue will be edited with the awarded and selected works and exhibitions will be held in different locations.
Article 10. The artists, by participating in the competition, accept these rules and the decisionsof the jury.

Liebe Exlibrisfreunde :
Mit dieser Mail möchten wir Sie an den Exlibris-Wettbewerb erinnern, der anlässlich des XL International Congress of Exlibrists FISAE organisiert wird und für den die folgenden Regeln gelten.
Wir hoffen, Sie bald über weitere Neuigkeiten zum Kongress informieren zu können.
Frohe Festtage und ein gutes neues Jahr, mit freundlichen Grüßen Mariano Casas Hierro, Präsident der FISAE